Fluid-Quip, Incorporated, located in Springfield, Ohio, was founded in 1987 as a repair and field service company serving the pulp and paper and corn wet milling industries. After becoming established in these areas, customers began to request that Fluid Quip provide new equipment for their industries. In 1991 Fluid-Quip began to design and sell capital equipment. The repair/service experience of Fluid-Quip provided expertise to incorporate many design features in equipment to help improve performance of the equipment and facilitate maintenance requirements. While all design and inventory are sourced from within Fluid-Quip, a large portion of the manufacturing is outsourced to keep costs competitive in the global market place.

Aside from equipment design and supply, Fluid-Quip is actively involved with process support for its customers, especially in the corn wet milling and ethanol industries. Fluid-Quip has customers located throughout the world and can provide the majority of equipment used in wet milling of corn, and also provide mass balances and other process design support.

Fluid-Quip has come to be known as a company that provides new ideas and very complete customer support. The company motto, “SOLUTIONS THAT WORK” describes the goal of the team of people that make up Fluid-Quip.