The FQ-136 grindmill with 36" disc for first and second grind application.
Fluid Quip’s Disc Mills are designed for optimum performance. Our engineers focused on durability, structural stability and solidifying tram control to minimize vibration, reduce wear and maintenance costs. The result is one of the finest wet corn disc mills in the world today. We have three different models of our single disc mills: 124, 136 and 152.
Heavy construction and a rigid refiner case maintain a better tram resulting in less vibration, longer bearing life and lower maintenance cost.
Heavy duty motor supports
½ inch thick motor mounting plate
¾ inch diameter motor mounting rods
All process contact parts are 316 stainless steel, protecting against corrosion and extending operating life
Hand wheel adjustment easily sets the rotating disc position accurately to control grinding plate gap within 1/1000 of an inch
Split Bearing Housing Design (52” machine)
316 stainless steel process contact parts
1,800 RPM maximum speed
Grease lubricated bearings (24” and 36” machines)
Gravity feed
Hinged door swings both ways for easy plate change
Manual disc position adjustment