The FQC-950 Primary Centrifuge offers the highest capacity possible for primary application with feed rates over 1500 gpm (340 m3/hr)
Fluid-Quip has combined many maintenance friendly features with proven separation technology to design a centrifuge that operates with reliable efficiency and minimum downtime. No other centrifuge on the market can compare, feature to feature.
Heavy Duty construction minimizes vibration and ensures structural stability. All outer housing components constructed of 316 stainless steel. The bowl, hub, and cover are made of Ferallium.
Patented nozzles have an improved carbide insert flow passage and a unique removal slot that allows our removal tool to grab on to the nozzle for installation and removal.
Inspection port in underflow volute allows nozzles to be inspected and replaced without raising the bowl or removing housing.
Slide mounted motor supports work with an adjustment screw to quickly adjust belt tension.
Improved lock ring design allows for consistent, simple, and safe removal, time after time.
Wash water injected directly into bowl to allow for increased wash rates and improved washing efficiency.
Many internal rotating components interchangeable with existing models.
Count on Fluid-Quip to be there for you anytime that assistance is needed with a new or existing centrifuge. Our design, process, and maintenance experts are available to assist from our office or at your plant for emergency problems, routine maintenance, process optimization, or operator / maintenance training.

Our expert service team can also provide all your rebuild needs for existing machines, including complete machine restorations, conversions, and bowl repairs, for any machine, regardless of the make or model.
Ferallium 255 Bowl, hub, and cover. All other process contact parts, including housing made of 316 stainless steel.
Carbon Steel base, column, and radial arm.
Oil drip bearing lubrication system (oil recirculation system available)
Vibration monitor and bearing temperature monitor
Built in hydraulic hoist actuated by external hydraulic power system