The first generation fiber filtration centrifuge offers two internal washing stages for lower capacity applications or applications that require minimal washing.

The Fluid-Quip filtration centrifuges offer a new innovative approach to liquid solids separation technology. The filtration centrifuges have internal washing stages to provide efficient counter current displacement washing inside the machine.

This new technology is the cornerstone of the Maximized Stillage Co-Products System available for recovering protein from whole stillage in dry grind ethanol plants.

This machine also offers an alternative to pressure screens for corn wet milling fiber washing and dewatering applications.

Customizable machine configuration with 0-4 countercurrent washing steps
Cylindrical screen bowl design uses slotted screens and can vary slot size at each stage.
Total screen area of 4.7M^2 with 1000 G at bowl wall.
Maximum bowl speed 1800 rpm.
Motor and conveyor speed controlled by PLC to maintain constant cake moisture

Please contact Fluid-Quip for more information about this breaking technology or to discuss then benefits of this machine in your application.