The Fluid-Quip FQ-IM40 Impact Mill for corn wet milling third grind application with capacities up to 24,000 bpd (600 MTPD).

Fluid-Quip is pleased to offer the FQ-IM40 and FQ-IM40H horizontal rotor Impact Mills for the corn wet milling third grind application. By combining gentle action on the delicate corn fibers with powerful crushing power on the bound starch particles, the Fluid-Quip Impact Mills do make quite an Impact on corn wet mill bound starch numbers and overall starch yields.
Tight manufacturing tolerances and G1 balance specifications (ISO1940/ANSI S2.19-1989) on all rotating parts reduce the machine vibration to a minimum, resulting in smooth worry free operation, prolonged bearing life, and overall reduced maintenance costs.
The sturdy frame and motor support were also designed to ensure structural stability and minimize machine vibration.
Belt drive machine design
Dual flanged feed inlets with flanged cleanout ports
Standard foot mounted motors
Vibration switch with internal adjustable alarm/shutdown limits
Various oil lubrication systems available
Large discharge hopper with flanged outlet
Compared to traditional disc milling for the corn wet milling third grind application, the impact mill offers the following advantages:
Less energy consumption per unit of grind rate.
Less fine fiber generation in the product slurry.
Lower overall bound starch in fiber.
Increased starch yields
Optimum machine performance across wide range of capacity and feed conditions without need for operator adjustments.
Consistent machine efficiency and product quality across the life and wear cycle of the impact pins.
Less temperature rise across the machine, reducing the risk of starch gelatinization.
Smaller motor sizes required.