Fluid-Quip supplies individual stages, or complete systems with mezzanines and interconnecting piping.

Fluid-Quip’s patented Radial Matrix starch washing systems have wide market acceptance around the world. From complete multiple stage systems including mezzanines and interconnecting piping, to single stage units for solids recovery, the Radial Matrix units are efficient, compact, and require a minimal amount of down time for maintenance.

With the patented Flow Channel design, units are easily expandable, allowing a system to start out small, and later expand to as much as 4 times the initial capacity. This expansion is as simple as adding cartridges to the original cartridge stack, and can be done during a brief shutdown.

The Radial Matrix units are available in two different diameters, to accommodate different grind rates or limitations on ceiling height. The flange piping connectors, which distribute the feed, overflow, and underflow streams, can also be modified to accommodate your precise requirements.

Rugged 316 stainless steel cartridges
Flanged 316 stainless steel outer housings assure a clean and safe system operation
Inspection port in underflow volute allows nozzles to be inspected and replaced without raising the bowl or removing housing.
Sample Port connections on top cap allows for easy system performance evaluation
Wide range of standard and custom sizes available for single system capacities up to 200,000 bpd (5000 mtpd)
Count on Fluid-Quip to be member of your process team when it comes to troubleshooting and optimizing the performance of your starch washing system. Using advanced modeling programs, and relying on years of industry wide experience, Fluid-Quip engineers can quickly identify problem areas in your system.

Through extensive research and development work on starch washing system separations, Fluid-Quip has designed a family of cyclonettes to maximize washing and separation efficiency for the corn wet milling starch washing application.

Fluid-Quip offers several different cyclonette geometries, in a range of cyclonette capacities, to bring new life to many existing cyclonette housings used in the corn wet milling industry. These cyclonettes are stocked in massive quantities in Springfield, Ohio, ready for immediate shipment in case of urgent needs.

All cyclonettes are equipped with FKM seals to prolong life and resist chemical degradation from exposure to chemicals in corn wet milling slurry.