Rotary Strainers

The Rotary Strainer is a separation device designed for continuous delivery of a strained liquid or slurry stream, free of oversize particles. With a Fluid-Quip rotary strainer installed ahead of your process equipment, you can rest assured knowing that your process is protected against contamination, and your process equipment is protected against plugging, excessive wear, or failure due to contamination. Our improved design allows for consistent operation and minimal maintenance.

RS-2 • RS-4 • RS-6 • RS-8


  • Heavy Duty 316 Stainless Steel Construction resists corrosion from wide range of process applications
  • Rotating brush assembly keeps the internal screen surface free of buildup, ensuring steady, consistent flow, while directing contaminants toward bottom discharge
  • UHMW Brush Elements resist bacterial growth and lock in nylon bristles. Interwoven nylon bristle design ensures that bristles will not come loose and enter process fluid
  • Wide body construction provides ample space inside for operator inspection and maintenance
  • Unique Rotation Limiter keeps brush assembly intact during brief moments of reverse rotation during installation and inspections
  • Bottom screen groove locks internal screen in place to prevent screen from rotating with brushes or becoming misaligned
  • Sturdy Motor support maintains proper alignment of shaft, seals, etc.
  • Rigid Drilled Hole screen provides fine separation while maintaining structural stability



  • 316 Stainless Steel body, shaft, and internal components
  • UHMW screen brushes with Nylon bristles
  • All gaskets and Orings made of EPDM
  • 0.125″ thick 316 Stainless Steel screen element with precision drilled holes
  • Flanged Inlet, Outlet, and Discharge connections
  • ½ hp (0.375 kW) Right angle gear motor
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 150 psi (10.3 bar)


  • Primary, Clarifier, MST, Gluten Thickener Centrifuge Feed Streams
  • Starch Washing System Feed
  • Wash Water Supply
  • Gluten Filter Shower Water


Fluid-Quip keeps a large inventory of spare parts on stand by, ready for your emergency needs. We also supply spare parts, including UHMW screen brushes, that are designed to fit into your existing rotary strainers.

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